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Best Double Sleeping Bags UK Edition

Best Double Sleeping Bags Uk Edition

So you’ve moved on from lonely planet to two’s company but the last thing you want to do is compromise when it comes to getting some shut-eye. Buying the best double sleeping bag will save you and your partner from morning blues around the breakfast campfire and ensure you wake up feeling hot, hot, hot! 

You might have always thought that the only option for a warm and comfortable sleep under the stars is both of you going solo with your own single sleeping bag. 

Think again!

Don’t lose out on sharing your nights as well as your days with your chosen one.

Investing in one of the top five in our list of best double sleeping bags will not only give you the opportunity to reconnect with nature but reconnect with each other.

We’ve based our findings on warmth, comfort, space, and those little extras that make a big difference.

In short, the best double sleeping bags are:

  1. Kelty Tru-Comfort Double Wide Sleeping Bag
  2. Fundango Double 2-in-1 Sleeping Bag
  3. Outwell Colibri Lux Double Sleeping Bag
  4. Coleman Hampton Double Sleeping Bag
  5. Vango Accord Double Sleeping Bag

 This is why…

Kelty Unisex Tru Comfort Double Wide Sleeping Bag

Bragging rights:

  • -7°C/ 20°C Four season
  • Cloud loft insulation
  • Two built-in blankets
  • Rectangular shape
  • Comfort-tuck zipper system
  • Oversized hood
  • Extra width and length
  • 50D Polyester taffeta
  • Weight 4.32 kg
  • Sleeping pad security loops & hang loops for storage

From the minute your head hits the pillow you’ll know that the Tru-Comfort is aptly named. The only problem you might have is not wanting to get up in the morning!

Designed with versatility in mind, it’s made with warm and cosy Cloud-loft insulation along with two built-in blankets – one for each of you which can be used as extra warmth or as the sole blanket if the temperature rises. A great, practical feature for all year round use.

If you are looking for some extra room to a standard double then there’s bags of it here. The hood is oversized too so you can bring your pillows from home and they will fit perfectly.

It is too heavy to carry for hiking but great for camping when weight isn’t an issue.

When you’re looking for true comfort for you and your partner, then roll over for the best sleep you’re ever likely to have under the stars with this Kelty designed double sleeping bag.

Chosen as our number one in our best double sleeping bags for its warmth, design and comfort. However, it is large – for a more lightweight solution consider the Coleman Hampton or Vango Accord.

Fundango Double Sleeping Bag

Bragging rights:

  • 220 cm x 150 cm rectangle
  • 4°C/13°C/17°C
  • Easily converts from a double to two singles or two duvets
  • Safety pocket
  • Compression sack allows for compact storage
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof 190T polyester outer shell
  • Breathable
  • Two small pillows included
  • 1.8 kg

A well-made piece of kit from Fundango. It’s surprisingly lightweight considering how warm and sizeable it is. In fact, it’s the lightest of our top 5 so if that’s important to you, this is the one for you.

It converts into two single sleeping bags. This is really practical to take hiking without a vehicle, as it can be split in half and load shared during the day.

When it’s time to set up camp it can be zipped back up into a double, allowing you to come together or you can choose to sleep solo…  

The snag-free, two way zippers are great at reconfiguring the bag from the double, to the singles to the duvets and also allowing for easy access in and out of your own side when you’re sharing.

It’s sold as a four-season but when you check out the temperature range it’s not four seasons in the UK! You’ll need extra protection for cold nights but you’ll be snug on Summer nights in a tent.

Outwell Colibri Lux Double Sleeping Bag

Bragging rights:

  • Extreme -1°C / Comfort 5°C
  • Unzips from both sides or completely for duvet effect
  • 2 – 3 season
  • Mummy shape
  • Zipped pillow pocket
  • Upper flexible wings to give more space and comfort
  • Internal fleece foot pocket for extra warmth
  • 100% polyester
  • 4.8 kg

Ideal for Spring and Summer camping, this bag is packed with extra features like wings that can be opened to provide extra space to give you more room for both of you to move around in, or less space for when you want that extra warm “snuggle” factor.

The fleece foot pocket is also a thoughtful little feature that allows for the option of toasty toes when the temperature drops.

This double is a mummy shape which means it’s easier for two bodies to build up some heat in it but it does mean there’s less movement for two pairs of legs.

It’s a great sleeping bag with enough room to be comfortable but not everybody likes the idea of a mummy shape.

Advertised as a 2/3 season bag but if you have a tendency to feel the cold, you might feel a bit chilly come Autumn.

Coleman Double Sleeping Bag Hampton

Bragging rights:

  • Extreme -12°C / comfort 7°C / Limit +3C
  • 4.55 kg
  • 220 cm x 150 cm rectangular shape
  • 100% cotton shell with flannel lining
  • 300g/m² Coletherm insulation with hollow fibre construction
  • 3 season
  • Inner pocket for valuables
  • 2 zippers on either side with thermalock construction to reduce heat loss through zipper.
  • Thermo collar minimising heat loss across the shoulder area
  • Opens fully to form a duvet
  • Comfort cuff

Surprisingly roomy for a standard double. Made from a soft, warm flannel lining which makes it feel like a duvet.

If you or your loved one likes to bury their head when sleeping then a thoughtful feature of the Coleman Hampton is the cuff, which means that your face can be surrounded in softness as you sleep.

Coletherm insulation provides better heat for less weight making this a nice bag for Spring through to Autumn.

If comfort and warmth are what you are after in a standard double then you’ll be extremely happy with the Coleman Hampton.

Super build quality is present from the fabric to the zips. Making this a durable sleeping bag that will last for years to come.

The compression sack could be slightly bigger and made with more durable fabric, consider it a nice little workout trying to get the sleeping bag back in!

Vango Accord Double Sleeping Bag  

Bragging rights:

  • 2°C comfort temperature
  • Breathable
  • 100% cotton flannel inner and 210T polyester outer
  • 225 cm x 170 cm
  • Insulated zip baffles, reducing cold spots
  • Two internal pouches for phone and keys
  • Integrated head rest for extra comfort
  • 4.8 kg

Vango have another quality product here, a seriously warm bag that doesn’t cut corners in the pursuit of outdoor comfort.

It’s not exactly what most would consider lightweight, but you will not be disappointed by how soft and cosy this bag feels.

Too heavy for carrying on any long-distance treks, but it’s the one if you want a home-from-home feeling on your next adventure as a twosome.

The integrated headrest is a thoughtful addition.

Additionally, there are useful internal pouches to save fumbling around looking for your keys or phone.

I am a big fan of Vango for products that strike a great balance between price and function.

The Accord is no exception.

I highly recommend this design for those that prioritise comfort. Similarly to the Kelty, its larger size make it the ideal candidate for vehicle supported camping trips.

Tips When Choosing a Double Sleeping Bag

There’s always going to be a compromise between weight, size and warmth when it comes to a double sleeping bag. Decide what’s important to you and choose accordingly.

Bags which can unzip from either side or have individual warming up/cooling down features for each occupant are a practical way to adjust your side of the bag without disturbing your partner.

If you are going to use your sleeping bag in a tent rather than a campervan or caravan then think about the fabric it is made of.

Breathable and water repellent synthetic fabrics are a good all-round choice but cotton flannel or something similar makes a cosy soft interior without any slip. However, cotton absorbs water, so avoid a bag made predominantly of cotton if you are under canvas.

Parting thoughts

I hope this round-up has given you some food for thought, in summary:

  • For a truly versatile, roomy bag that adjusts to provide maximum comfort in all four seasons then Kelty Tru-Comfort has bagged it for us.
  • Fundango have produced a winner here with its lightweight, yet warm bag. It transforms from a double to two single bags or two duvets so it is super practical.  What’s more, it’s both waterproof and breathable.
  • If you like to be toasty when you’re under the covers then with its fleece foot pockets and upper wings that can be kept in, you’ll find the  Outwell Colibri Lux double sleeping bag will keep you wrapped up, mummy style.
  • The Coleman Hampton is the bag for you if you are looking for a standard size double that gives a really comfortable and warm sleep without being too heavy. A thermolock zip design and a comfort cuff also add to the snug-factor.
  • The Vango Accord will ensure there’s no discord between you and your partner as you settle down in a weighty and duvet-like sleeping bag. A solid choice if you only want to rough it during daylight hours and keep your nights warm and cosy.

Whatever you choose from our top five of the best double sleeping bags, here’s to a good night’s rest and a good day’s adventure!

See you on the mountain.